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Keep Calm Mother On! with Christy Thomas

Sep 27, 2019

 Making friends with time

Childhood is a 940 weeks, don’t fall for the quick trick fixes.  Growth takes time.  To learn more about ages and stages of kids, check out books by Louise Bates Ames.  

Maya Angelou said, “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”



Idea One:  Stop the emergency feeling by taking three deep breaths and washing your face with cold water. 

Idea Two:  Send dancing cat gifs to a friend over text message, this creates a natural pause where you shift your focus of energy to HUMOR.


Play Idea:   Get the book Pete’s A Pizza from the library or Amazon.   Read it, play the game the boy and the father play.  Then make homemade pizza—I like to cheat and use Naan or English Muffins for the crust.  If you’re more adventures try this two ingredient crust recipe that uses Greek yogurt and flour.



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