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Keep Calm Mother On! with Christy Thomas

Jul 31, 2020

 Today's guest is Stacey Steinberg.  She is a mom and a photographer.  She is a professor at the University of Florida Levin College of Law. Stacey supervises the Gator TeamChild Juvenile Law Clinic, where alongside her students, she represents abused and neglected children in court. Stacey used her unique skill set and...

Jul 28, 2020

Breathe With Me Affirmation--Emergency  Calm Strategy

I can soften my thoughts.

I can soften my words.

I can soften my tone.

I can soften my body.

I can soften my gaze.

I can soften my heart.

I can soften my thoughts.

I can soften my energy.

I can soften my whole being.


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Jul 26, 2020

Okay, it's time for another Monday Pep Talk. So here we go.

This week, I want you to do what I usually remind you to do on Sunday nights. This week, I want you to every night think of something you can do for your Monday morning,  your Tuesday morning, your Wednesday morning you,  or  Thursday morning you, ...

Jul 24, 2020

You're going to love this episode about Negative Thoughts and Sticky Brains with Nicole Libin, PhD.


Dr. Nicole Libin is a certified mindfulness educator, adjunct professor, and author. Her children’s book Sticky...

Jul 21, 2020

Breathe With Me Affirmation:

I am surrounded by love and all is well.  While the moment might be hard, all is well. 


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