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Keep Calm Mother On! with Christy Thomas

Dec 21, 2018

"Let's talk about traveling with kids and ENJOYING IT."


Have an idea? Email me at  or find me on Instagram here or there.


Listen for my best travel tips and one AWESOME ONE from my friend Sara.  You can find her on Instagram here.

The tips range from mindset, snacks, screen-free games, audiobooks, movement ideas, and screens.




Self-Care Action:

Include yourself in the travel plans-- bring snacks YOU like, favorite music, your favorite hand gell, a clean shirt for YOU in case theirs a spill or sick kid.  Speak up and lean on your spouse for help and offer them a break too if you notice they need it.


Play Idea:


The whole episode is full of play ideas-- go listen again. ;) Don't forget your free PDF of games too.   

Want more?  Check out the website!

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