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Keep Calm Mother On! with Christy Thomas

Jan 31, 2020

A Parenting Journey-- Adoption, Trauma , Play & Parenting with Rachal Pollard


Episode 64

Meet my friend Rachal:

Rachal Pollard is a wife to a talented, hilarious husband, and mama to four kiddos who test limits, push boundaries and explore life with exceptional curiosity.  After growing their family through adoption, Rachal was plunged into the world of therapeutic, trauma-informed parenting.  After 10 years of learning, she now works to help the community around her become trauma-informed including churches, community services, schools and foster and adoptive families.  She is the co-founder of Redeemed Network, which works to help the church provide effective wrap-around care for families, children and workers that are affected by foster care and adoption.  Rachal is also a certified Christian Life Coach and you can learn more about the benefits of coaching on her blog

You can follow her on social media @Pollardmama everywhere. 

An overview video about attachment styles: