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Keep Calm Mother On! with Christy Thomas

Jun 2, 2023

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You are exactly the right mom for your kids.  I am so glad to know you. --CT

341.  The Orange Rhino: Not Yelling & Growing as a Mom

The Orange Rhino, also known as Sheila, is a mother to 4 boys and the author of "Yell Less, Love More: How The Orange Rhino Mom Stopped Yelling at Her Kids and How You Can Too!" Winner of PARENTS magazine "blog most likely to help you achieve your goal" and author of viral Huffington Post Article, "10 Things I learned When I Stopped Yelling at My Kids," Sheila shares honest and vulnerable stories from her successful 520-day journey of not yelling at her kids...and all the days after where she yells less and because while she is The Orange Rhino, she is still human and yells happen! While her journey started when her boys were 5 and under, she quickly realized that the insights, tips, and tricks she learned to not yell at her young kids absolutely still apply to her now teenagers (and to herself.) She invites you to join her on the journey to be an Orange Rhino: a parent who remains cool and composed and responds warmly and thoughtfully instead of charging vis-a-vis yelling.

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Try out the practice of saying, "At Least..." "Let me see something else..."


Self-Care: Shelia goes on a walk outside every single day. 


Family Fun: Fun looks like playing games like Scatergoies and Dance Parties. Shelia also enjoys acting like a total goofball and dork for their entertainment. 


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