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Keep Calm Mother On! with Christy Thomas

Aug 21, 2020

What do you do if you hear your kids aren't well behaved?

How do you combat the negative spiral?

Remember not everything that people say is meant for you, you have two ears.  Some information can go in one, and straight out the other.


Listen for tips about the POSITIVE SENTIMENT OVERDRIVE


I learned about this from Dr. Laura Froyen's Instagram


Tip 1:  Set an alarm to text your partner/spouse a quirky positive thing about your kids that day before they get home from work

Tip 2:  Use baby pictures to trigger the good feelings and memories. 

Tip 3:  Leave a hot wheel car on your desk or by a sink to remind you to choose OVERDRIVE. Zoom it back and forth between people and take turns sharing the good.

Tip 4--BONUS--Wear giant prop glasses to practice having rose-colored glasses on.  Be mindful and point out what you love about your life, your kids, your partner.  Everything. 


Self-Care: Try a cup of tea in the evening to give yourself an unwind trigger.  You do a lot.  Be kind to yourself. 


Play: Play tic-tac-toe.  Who will win if you play best out of 5?



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