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Keep Calm Mother On! with Christy Thomas

Jun 26, 2020

Summer Audiobooks for Mom

Fiction Edition:

Disclaimer --Christy only likes light fluffy books that won't haunt her dreams or cause her to panic when she's home alone due to her husband's military deployments. :)

  1. Books by Sophia Kinsella
  2. Books by Katherine Center
  3. Books by Graeme Simsion 
  4. Books by Liane Moriarity (What Alice Forgot)
  5. Classic Books with Hollywood Star Narrators
  6. Books by Laura Weisberger

Links to all the books can be found at

Want to know my favorite Parenting Books? Check Out Episode 8.

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Self-care:  Wear a face mask.  Make a homemade concoction and buy one from the store.  I find it impossible to be busy when I'm wearing one.  


Play: Get out balloons and make an obstacle course. 



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