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Keep Calm Mother On! with Christy Thomas

Jan 17, 2020

My “Dead” Tree Mystery & Parenting

Episode 60

Learn about my panic when I notice a lot of trees in my neighborhood seem to be dying and NO ONE ELSE CARES.

Remember— “Growth is the only evidence of life.” St John Henry Newman

Christy’s Two Tips:

  • Give more time, you need to know if this is just a season /phase or something more. A lot of things work out with more time to grow.
  • Embrace curiosity, don’t judge, but be a scientist. Ask questions, day dream, observe, read, watch youtube.


The tree I was scared about is the Bald Cypress, here’s a few Youtube videos about it.



Self-Care:  Slip off your socks and shoes,  ground yourself and imagine you have roots.  Breathe in deeply and close your eyes.  Feel the support from the ground, feel the support from those that love you,  feel the support from your heart.


Play Idea: Art!  Paint a family tree together. One canvas or posterboard shared by all members of the family  

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