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Keep Calm Mother On! with Christy Thomas

Apr 19, 2019

Meal Prep Tips and Tricks


  • Make a veggie tray that you can always grab first
  • Don’t forget cheese, crackers, and meat
  • Make PB&J by the loaf and freeze
  • Have your kids make their own lunches


  • Reduce the choices. Keep it simple and independent.
  • Double recipes when you bake and freeze half
  • Pre-made single serving smoothie bags
  • Write and post a daily menu


  • Write and post a menu
  • Pay for meal planning services to stream
  • Meal delivery boxes

What to do at the table:

  • Worst and the Best
  • Conversation Jar with ice-breaker questions
  • Notice the Good ly/noticegood


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2019 is the year of bantering with our kids.  Let’s embrace water cooler conversations that increase positive interactions and attachment.  Want to do it together? Consider joining my VIP Group.

~~Got a road trip or just everyday drives around town?  Use the time well by adding in play.

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Take photos of ordinary dinner times with your family.  Document so you can savor it later.


Play Idea:

Shadow Puppets!  Perfect for rainy April days and waiting out Tornado warnings.


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