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Keep Calm Mother On! with Christy Thomas

Oct 18, 2019

 No More 5:30 AM Workouts

Episode 47

I hope you enjoy my chat with Kirk Martin, you can find him on the internet at I’ve been a big fan of his work for the last ten years and I’m so excited to share his story with you.  

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Listen carefully at the 21:00 minute mark about the REVOLUTION we’re starting together. Send me and email if you’re on board with us.  



Self-Care: Leave a book in the bathroom for future you to read and take a break.  Kirk likes fiction and devotionals.


Play Idea:  Go outside without your kids and start playing some old-school games.  Kick the can, ding-dong-ditch, 4 square or disc golf and when your kids come outside and stare, tell them they aren’t invited to play with you.  Just kidding, fold them in to the games. The idea is to model how much FUN you can have not on technology. Lead your kids, don’t lecture.


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