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Keep Calm Mother On! with Christy Thomas

Jan 4, 2019

"Let's talk about New Year goals.”


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 Goals are all the rage at the start of a new year, but I’m a year-long goal failure.  Set monthly family fun activity goals, and tiny small flexible daily habits.

The books I mention in this episode are:

Atomic Habits (affiliate link) by James Clear

Parenting with Love (affilate link) by Glenn Latham

2019 is the year of bantering with our kids.  Let’s embrace water cooler conversations that increase positive interactions and attachment.

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~~Got a road trip or just everyday drives around town?  Use the time well by adding in play.



Self-Care Action:

Write a list of 100 ways 2018 was awesome.  Bonus, write a snail mail card to someone who made your list of 100.


Play Idea:

Hand-Clap games!  When was the last time you played Patty Cake or Miss Mary Mack?  Bring back these nostalgic retro games by teaching them to your kids this week. 

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