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Keep Calm Mother On! with Christy Thomas

Feb 1, 2019

"Let’s talk about RISKY play and kids.”


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In this episode, I share why RISK is important for our kids and us.

Pick up Julie Bogart’s book The Brave Learner at

Here are the TED talks I watched to prepare this:

5 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Children Do

The Decline of Play

Let Kids Take Risks





2019 is the year of bantering with our kids.  Let’s embrace water cooler conversations that increase positive interactions and attachment.  Want to do it together? Consider joining my VIP Group.

~~Got a road trip or just everyday drives around town?  Use the time well by adding in play.

TEXT “play” to 69922 for this free pdf. 


Self-Care Action:

Brainstorm ways you want to add RISK to your life.  Leave a post-it note on the fridge of your ideas.

Play Idea:

Embrace risk together- and lick a 9V battery.

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