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Keep Calm Mother On! with Christy Thomas

Aug 9, 2019

 This episode is all about being a calm  and connected parent.

Sarah of Parenting Solution Finders helps guide parents without judgment because she’s been there.   Her parenting changed when she realized her kids might not want to visit home, when they grow up.


33% of the time is your research based goal for being a rock star parent.

Learn how to listen for your shark music.

Flip your lid—YouTube video.

Here’s how to bring your cortex back online

  1. Count backwards from 5 (5-4-3-2-1)
  2. Take the deepest breath possible, super slowly
  3. Picture the best case scenario & share it
  4. Throw out two things you are thankful for?
  5. Assess: Am I calm right now? Can I engage with empathy?



Want to know more about the 7 patterns of play?  Listen to episode 2.


Self-Care: Take 5 minutes to journal or just be by yourself.   Sit in silence, nibble chocolate.  You are not just mom,  you are an incredible human being.  You are amazing. w

Play Idea:   Play piggy or monkey in the middle!  This game involves at least three people, and you toss an object back and forth and the person in the middle tries to intercept it! 


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