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Keep Calm Mother On! with Christy Thomas

Dec 16, 2022

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Here are the things I think about for cold and flu season:

  1. Thermometers
  2. Wash Basins for a Vomit Kit
  3. Beach Towels
  4.  Check your medicine cabinet (PS. Double check your safety plan)
  5.  Foods (crackers, apple sauce squeezer, cup of noodles, soups, mac and cheese)
  6.  Hydration (ginger ale, sprite, sports drink, teas, juice boxes)
  7.  Wish List of TV and Movies
  8. Audiobooks (( Vanderbeekers of 141st Street and The Penderwicks)
  9.  Waterproof playing cards

Oh my goodness, I forgot to mention tissues-- check your stock of tissues and toilet paper.  


Self-Care:  Take a long slow breath and drink tea outside


Family Fun:  Have a Grinch Day!  Watch the movie, listen to music, make snacks.


You are exactly the right mom for your kids.  I am so glad to know you. 

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