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Keep Calm Mother On! with Christy Thomas

May 26, 2022

289.  Kindness to Yourself Right Now 

The world is full of tsunamis of tragedy, as we pause to morn Uvalde, Texas and Buffalo, NY-- as we try to help feed the babies with the formula shortage, as we heal against other things unseen and unspoken let us be tender and gentle and kind to ourselves.


My four go-to strategies:

- take pictures of flowers, text them to people

- hug more and longer

-get good sleep

-stay connected to other humans. 

Self-Care:  Make a list of what helps you be grounded and share it with Christy on Instagram. <3


Family Fun Idea:  Have the best ice cream sundaes ever.  Live exuberantly.   Pick a family theme song-- I love the song 1-2-3-count on me by Bruno Mars.


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You are exactly the right mom for your kids.  I am so glad to know you. 



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