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Keep Calm Mother On! with Christy Thomas

Sep 17, 2021


Rushing leads me to feel poor in my spirit.  Rushing leads me to feeling disconnected and wanting.


Here are my three habits to slow me down:

Sticky note reminders to take a deep breath & that life is not an emergency

Practice 3-5 minutes of breathing.  In the urgent feeling moments, I can remember what it feels like in my body to slow. 

Special Time-- leads to be being more present and not rushing.  Tips: Label it, set a timer, let your child pick the activity.  The key to special time is focused attention and not multitasking. 


Self-Care Idea:  Take 3 minutes a day for 10 minutes to slow down and practice sitting and breathing. 


Family Fun Idea:  Try out Special Time with your kids once this week.  But the whole family's fun idea is labeling songs as our mad song, our happy song, and our hype song so that as a whole family we can help each other label feelings and learn how to feel them with music.  My kids ask Alexa to play these songs and so do I.  



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