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Keep Calm Mother On! with Christy Thomas

Apr 16, 2021

Meet Kim Laureen she's the director of selfless, a great documentary she made with her daughter. She is a writer, speaker, and advocate for youth and families at risk.
She began her career shooting interviews & live sessions with inspiring artists from around the world. Filled with curiosity & questions Kim found exploration through documentary to be a natural fit. Believing that nothing good comes easy she embraces the challenges that come with film making & finds herself feeling fullest at the heart of a good story.

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Family Play Idea: Go on Sunday drives as a family and get a treat.  Put on a family show. Sing, dance.  Spend time together. 


Self Care:  Quiet time in the morning with reflection, devotion, and reading.  Feed and nurture your soul before you start your day. 



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