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Keep Calm Mother On! with Christy Thomas

Mar 6, 2020


Corona Virus and Your Family

Episode 74


Part One: Talking With Our Kids about Corona Virus


  • Manage your own stress
  • How old are your kids?
  • Talk with them at an age appropriate way. Be calm and reassuring.

Is the news to scary for our kids?

Under age 7, focus on health basics unless your kids ask you.  And if they ask you about it first start by asking them what they know.

Over age 7, bring it up, ask what they know.  Start where they are and share resources that are age appropriate.  Be truthful and let them know that you take them serious. 


NPR Comic:

Brain Pop:

Dr Binocs:

Dr. Tina Bryson:

Dr Song:

NYT  what to tell kids:


WHO and Kids:

Parent Squad Video with Public Health Mom:



Experiment as a family about how germs spread:

Potato Germs:


Part Two:  Get back to health basics


  • Hands wash 20 seconds. It’s simple and easy.    Bathroom, eating,  coughing,

5 steps


Bubble contests.  Songs of the day.  Choose soap your kids like.


  • Hand sanitizer when you leave somewhere in public.


  • Disinfect cell phones. Cleaning high traffic areas.  Doorknobs, grocery carts, gas pumps


  • Don’t touch your face.




  • Healthy Diet (Veggies, fruit, protein) 


  • Exercise boosts your immune system


  • Stop shaking hands. Elbow bump, jazz hands, wave



  • Cough into your elbow or a Kleenex


  • Give people personal space (3 feet)


  • Cancel plans. You don’t know who is high risk.




Part Three: Prepare

Plan for 14 days of being at home that’s the incubation period.     Cleaning supplies are important.

What would you do if school would close? Crafts, dancing videos


Bonus: Want More?  Books and  Videos about germs

Germs  Are Not For Sharing Board Book for under 7:

A Germs Journey:

Germs Make Me Sick! :



Story Bots on Netflix “How You Get a Cold Episode”

 Song on Youtube:


Self-Care:  Buy fancy soap you like. 

Play Idea: Do the germs experiments or make a jar of songs or quotes to practice for 20 seconds each time your kids wash their hands.


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