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Keep Calm Mother On! with Christy Thomas

Jul 26, 2020

Okay, it's time for another Monday Pep Talk. So here we go.

This week, I want you to do what I usually remind you to do on Sunday nights. This week, I want you to every night think of something you can do for your Monday morning,  your Tuesday morning, your Wednesday morning you,  or  Thursday morning you,  Friday morning you, Saturday morning you, or  Sunday morning you every night. When you are getting ready for bed, I want you to do one more thing that can be a gift to your future self. So I'll give you some examples of what I do. I prep the coffee pot and I pick up my mug for the morning. I lay out my exercise clothes so that there's no thought in the morning and I don't have to turn on any lights. I can just grab them and get dressed. I lay out some books I want to read. I pre pick a podcast I want to listen to or a class that I'm taking. I charge my headphones because I'm a huge fan of wireless headphones. I fill up my water bottle and put it right next to the coffee pot. So I remember that I want to drink water when I go for the second cup of coffee. Okay, these are all superduper simple things you can do. Over the years, I've added more and more and I don't do it all the time. I'll be honest, but I can tell when I am doing it. I can tell when the night before me is been super kind and generous with her time. For Monday morning me or whatever morning it is right. For years, I've been reminding you on social media on Sunday night on the Sunday scaries to do something extra special for Monday morning you. But you don't have to save it just for Sunday and Monday. You can do it every single day. You can give yourself a gift. That's what you're doing when you take the extra time to be a little bit thoughtful. Right? Isn't that what you do for your spouse or your kids or a friend? You take the time to be extra thoughtful and courteous because you love them and care for them. Well, this Monday Morning Pep Talk. I want to remind you that you get to be extra thoughtful and courteous and generous with your time towards yourself.

Yep, I'm gonna pause there and let it sink in. You get to be extra thoughtful, kind and generous with your time towards yourself. I love you, and I'm so glad you're here. Thank you, thank you, thank you and you're exactly who we need on earth in this moment. The world would be a much, much lonelier place without you. I'm so glad you're here bye

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