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Keep Calm Mother On! with Christy Thomas

Jul 29, 2022

Let's talk kids and smartphones.  Today we're going to chat about a brand new book called First Phone by Dr Catherine Pearlman written for kids. 

Dr. Catherine Pearlman is the founder of The Family Coach and a licensed clinical social worker who has been working with children and families for more than 25 years. She holds a PhD in Social Welfare from Yeshiva University and a Masters of Social Work from New York University. Catherine also the author of Ignore It: How Selectively Looking the Other Way Can Decrease Behavioral Problems and Increase Parenting Satisfaction (TarcherPerigee, 2017) and First Phone: A Child’s Guide to Digital Responsibility, Safety and Etiquette. She is regularly called upon to provide expert opinion for newspaper and magazine articles, speaking engagements, radio and television.  Her writing has appeared in CNN, Los Angeles Times, Sports Illustrated, The Wall Street Journal, US News & World Report, Grown & Flown, Your Teen Magazine and on many parenting websites around the world. Catherine lives in California with her sports-writing husband Jeff, their two kids and puppy Poppy.

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Self-Care:  Going outside in nature is always a reset.  Another act of self-care is setting boundaries with phone use around bedtime.


Family-Fun Idea: Fuss over family pets together. 


You are exactly the right mom for your kids.  I am so glad to know you. 

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