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Keep Calm Mother On! with Christy Thomas

Jan 18, 2019

"Let's talk about just five minutes.”


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Do only five minutes of play count?  It sure does!  In this episode, I share a slew of five-minute play and self-care ideas.  Did you know each day has 288 5 minute segments?

Here are two book titles about the idea of the compound interest.  (These are both affiliate links)

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

Anno’s Magic Seeds by Mitsumassa Anno

Want to try embroidery?


2019 is the year of bantering with our kids.  Let’s embrace water cooler conversations that increase positive interactions and attachment.

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~~Got a road trip or just everyday drives around town?  Use the time well by adding in play.



Self-Care Action:

Don’t wait for someday!  Use your fancy dishes and cloth napkins this week.  Treat yourself to a five-star dining experience at home.  Make sure to include your favorite dessert.

Play Idea:

Once this week, choose to play Simon Says instead of scrolling Instagram or Facebook for five minutes.

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