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Keep Calm Mother On! with Christy Thomas

Mar 18, 2022

Today's Guest is Sarah Appleman.
What started as a career-driven by passion had turned personal when her son was born with health and developmental issues. He had spent a majority of his early years in Occupational Therapy to help with tightness in his legs, eye-hand coordination, and visual delays. He had also refused to eat many foods. With many years of OT and work on building his appetite, he is now an athletic, straight-A student.
Her passion for Occupational Therapy and natural love of cooking have collided. She is now helping children overcome sensory issues, try new foods, and even enjoy helping in the kitchen. With 20+ years of experience under her belt, the activities in Play With Your Food are OT-tested and kid-approved! She knows you will enjoy the activities just as much as she enjoyed sharing her favorite tips. So get ready to make a mess, have fun, and Play With Your Food!
Self-Care:  Exercise early in the day
Family Fun Idea:  Use movies, holidays,  and favorite books to make themed meals with your kids.  


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