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Keep Calm Mother On! with Christy Thomas

Nov 11, 2022

You can feed your family.  Heather Campbell will help you unpack what a GOOD meal for your family is and how to feed yourself.

Heather Campbell Dietitian | Nutrition Expert (@glorynutrition) • Instagram photos and videos

Heather S. Campbell MS, RDN - Greater Fairbanks Area | Professional Profile | LinkedIn


What makes a Good Meal

  • Staying Power (Fat, Protein, Fiber)  & Veggie and Fruit. 
  • Always make sure there is something familiar you know that they like and that you want them to eat.
  • The food we're still learning to like-- not foods we don't like. 

How to Cut Costs:

  • Look for the product that is in season in the area where you are.  Froze and Canned vegetables are processed at peak nutrition. 
  • Pay attention to meat cuts and prices.  Get familiar with chicken thighs
  • Meatless meals that focus on eggs and milk
  • Notice and be aware of portion sizes

How Heather Plans:

  • She plans five days, not 7.
  • They have a Taco Tuesday every week.
  • Look at your calendar and figure out how much time you have to make food. 

Try out this recipe but use pre-made nuggets: Chicken and Waffles Casserole - Frugal Mom Eh!

KC Davis (  


Self-Care:  Block out 3 hours once a week for rest and restoration.  It could be housework, reading, a walk, or TV.

Family Fun: Finding ways to enjoy each other.  Going out to dinner for a family date.