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Keep Calm Mother On! with Christy Thomas

Aug 20, 2021

Mary Van Geffen is one of my favorite people on Instagram.  I am so excited to share a conversation about raising Spicy Children and parenting by loving yourself.
Mary Van Geffen is an international parenting coach for overwhelmed moms of strong-willed & spicy children.
She helps moms (over the phone or on FaceTime to) gain confidence to choose gentle, respectful parenting especially if they weren’t raised that way.
She has a ministry on Instagram where she posts an inspiring parenting tip every single day. Just reading her social media will help you delight in your child and remember that you are enough. Mary believes that when a mom realizes how hard she is on herself and cracks the door open for some self-compassion, her entire family is bathed in light!
Mary is a certified Simplicity Parenting Counselor® and Professional Co-Active Coach®. Her greatest achievement, however, is cultivating a calm, kind and firm relationship with her spirited go-getter daughter (now 16), polar-opposite introverted son (14) and un-Enneagramable hubby.
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Favorite takeaways:
Mary's prompt to ask yourself: What am I feeling right now?  
Planning Ahead for a Mom & Me Date
Books Mentioned:
Mary's Key Practices:
1:1 Time that is Child-Led & full of the parent delighting in them
Grounding Yourself
Getting Away 
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  • Treat jealousy, constant bickering, mean words & tattling with confidence.
  • End the "you love her more!" complaint once and for all.
  • Learn when to step in.
  • Learn the blueprint for positive conflict resolution.
  • Help kids set boundaries & hear each other's point of view even when skills, ages, and personalities are very different.
  • Become the calmest one in the room.
Self-Care Ideas:
A couple of times a year-- go visit a float tank.
Drink Sole in the morning.  Mary uses this salt.
Walk barefoot outside early in the day
Family Fun Idea:
Get out of your home-- Listen to the same podcast, audiobook, music together. 
20 Questions Jedi Mind Trick of the Best Moment together in the last month. 
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