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Keep Calm Mother On! with Christy Thomas

Apr 23, 2021

How do you use screens to help you get outside with your kids?

Michelle Pryor is an outdoor enthusiast in the health and wellness field. She balances her duties as a mom, an entrepreneur and owner of Coach M Pryor LLC.  Michelle designed Hiking Bingo to inspire kids to explore the outdoors and to encourage kids to live a healthy lifestyle through getting outside and staying active.  In order to design the Hiking Bingo app and the Hiking Bingo 2021 Challenge, she called upon her 21 years of military service as an Air Force pilot, her experience as a health coach, her duties as a mom and her love of the outdoors including hiking, camping, biking, traveling and exploring.  As a former Girl Scout, ironman triathlete, survival instructor and scuba instructor, she is in her element while out in the wilderness!  


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Self-Care:  Michelle likes to take the time to practice breathing in the morning.  She uses the Wim Hof App to guide her.

Play:  Reuse boxes with your kids outside.   Build car ramps, forts, create games.  


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