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Keep Calm Mother On! with Christy Thomas

Jun 28, 2022

Breathe With Me Affirmation--Emergency  Calm Strategy

I can soften my thoughts.

I can soften my words.

I can soften my tone.

I can soften my body.

I can soften my gaze.

I can soften my heart.

I can soften my thoughts.

I can soften my energy.

I can soften my whole being.




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Jun 24, 2022

Stay connected to Nicole by reading her awesome book.

and check out her website.


Self-Care Task:  Once a week or once a month ask yourself if you are treating yourself like you would treat a friend.  If you are...

Jun 17, 2022

Find Rebecca on the internet: Home - Rebecca Rolland

Rebecca's book is called The Art of Talking With Children.

The 3 E's

Engage, Expand, Evaluate

The ABC's

Adaptable,  Back and Forth, Child Driven



Self-Care:  Go on a walk.  Rebecca enjoys two different types of walks each day.  One with no technology about ten...

Jun 14, 2022


Let's sit outside together.



You are exactly the right mom for your kids.  I am so glad to know you. 



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Jun 10, 2022

Have you seen photos from the Queen's Platinum Jubilee?  It's been a week of Mom shaming all around the world.

Kids are often put into lousy local conditions that aren't designed with their whole bodies in mind.  Heart, Soul, Mind, Body, Sensory Needs.

What would you say to best friend if it was them in these photos?...